Wednesday, 26th April 2017
Great Finborough Suffolk Village
Great Finborough Suffolk Village

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News from the Community Council
Allotments The possibility of using some land behind Pear Tree Place is now not an option. The use of other parcels of land within the village is being investigated.

Village Hall The architect has requested another meeting to try and move things forward. Discussion again took place regarding the use of the Finborough School’s proposed new sports hall. However it was the opinion of those present that we still proceed with investigation into the architect’s plans.

Youth Engagement Numbers are down. The children who attend are mostly in the younger age group. There is also a shortage of helpers. The last bingo session was held in aid of the Youth Engagement and £37 was raised for funds. A youth shelter, for which the parish received funding, will be erected on the bottom field. Also, in time an all weather pitch.

The Car Park Has been reported as being ‘dangerous’ in the frost and snow and it was decided to purchase, through the Parish Council, some salt bins for use in Oak Close and Middlefield Drive, as well as the car park, particularly the entrance.

Village Hall The insurance claim for the fire damage in the kitchen will cover the purchase of a new kettle and microwave. A brand new cooker is being donated. The claim is to be made by the Parish Council.

Structure of Community Council The Community Council will now meet bi-monthly, instead of every month. Next meeting 21 June.
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