Wednesday, 26th April 2017
Great Finborough Suffolk Village
Great Finborough Suffolk Village
The current members of the parish council are:
Norman Vendittelli Chair
Mr Norman Vendittelli
Tel. (01449) 677940
Martin Burns Mr Martin Burns
Robin Fisher Mr Robin Fisher
Ian Cameron Mr Ian Cameron
Rob Nurton Mr Rob Nurton
Peter Turner Mr Peter Turner
Tel. (01449) 674407
Vacancy --Vacancy--
Paula Gladwell Clerk:
Paula Gladwell
Tel. (01449) 737942
John Matthissen District Councillor
Mr John Matthissen
Tel. (01449) 771742
Penny Otton County Councillor
Penny Otton
Tel. (01449) 737870

Parish Council Meetings 2011
Please note the dates of the Parish Council meetings for 2011 are:

4 July 5 September 7 November

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News from the Parish Council

The Village Appraisal …Is Here At Last
You should now have had a copy of the Village Appraisal questionnaire. Please take the trouble to read it carefully and complete one for your household. It is an important source of information so that the Parish Council can ensure it is reflecting the views of the majority on a range of important issues for the village. Your completed questionnaire will be collected from you. There is also a youth questionnaire for completion by each young person in the village, which will also be collected. This really matters.

Village Play Area
Isn’t it bizarre that what most view as a great new facility can cause disharmony in our community? As you know, the Community Council, open to everyone in the village, was set up to manage the operation of village facilities including the Pettiward Hall, the new play area and car park. This is a group of volunteers who manage the facilities that we own as a community, via the Parish Council - your elected representatives. All along the Community Council has been keen to ensure the provision of a safe play area for small children, as well as to ensure that the area is looked after properly so it remains, in the future, as good as it is now. It is necessary to have a few simple rules about play area use to ensure that equipment is used safely and that the facility is not a nuisance to near neighbours. This requires the active co-operation of all in the community. A small minority have engaged in thoughtless and childish behaviour from those who are old enough to know better. This includes frequent climbing back into the play area after it is locked, obscene graffiti, misuse of play equipment and uprooting of posts, as well as urinating on, and cycling among, the planting. What a shame. How sad that we can’t all look after what we’ve got and what a lot of villages crave. Misuse of community facilities is not an option. We do not want to lose a facility we have only just acquired, or indeed curtail those that are in the pipeline like the playing field also to be developed. The resolution of this issue lies with us. No doubt the play area has had novelty value, but it is time now that the misbehaviour stops. If it does not, with regret the Parish Council will have to consider appropriate action. We should not have to do this and do not want to, but we will not shirk from what we have to. The Parish Council will consider the operation of the play area again on Monday 7 September at 7.30pm in the Pettiward Hall. If you have any views, please come to the meeting and share them.

Speed Camera
The speed camera project is still in the hands of the Police, but we still need three volunteers for Great Finborough. We have three already and need three more. Please contact me if you are interested (including those who did previously). The role is not to stand in for the Police, it is simply to use the speed camera – within strictly defined parameters – and record the registration numbers of speeding motorists. These are passed to the Police who do the rest. Richard Brice

Village Noticeboard
The village noticeboard is next to the new car park. If you want to put something on display, or removed from the noticeboard, please contact me on 677940 or call in to Park Cottage in the grounds of Finborough School. Alternatively contact Bryony Allen, the Parish Clerk, who also has a key (see Who’s Who). Norman Vendittelli

About the parish council

The present Parish Council took office in May 2011, to serve for four years. There are seven members. The council meets six times a year; in January, March, July, September and November. The annual council meeting is held in May, when the officers are elected for the ensuing year and the accounts for the preceding year are presented for approval. In addition, the statutory parish meeting is held annually in May. This is a general meeting of parishioners, at which reports from village organisations are received and discussed and relevant matters referred to the parish council and other agencies.

Local planning applications are received from Mid Suffolk District Council from time to time. These are examined in detail and the parish council's comments, including a recommendation to accept, reject or amend, are referred back to the District Council as planning authority. This work is delegated to a standing sub-committee of the parish council, including the chairman or vice-chairman. The parish council is represented on the bodies responsible for the management of Pettiward Hall, (the Community Council). It is a member of the Suffolk Association of Local Councils (SALC) and of Suffolk Action for the Community in Rural England (ACRE).

The council is responsible for five village greens within the parish, registered under the Commons Registration Act 1965. With one exception ('The Green'), these are small grassed areas too fragmented to be of great recreational value. The Green itself is a triangular area at the northern end of the village surrounding a mature chestnut tree. A substantial piece of land east of the village has been given to the council by Mid Suffolk District Council for recreational use, while further parcels of land intended for car parking and amenity use have been acquired from the same source.

The council owns the village hall, Pettiward Hall, which was donated by the Pettiward Estate in 1936. It meets the cost of street lighting along the main road, pays for litter collection and the purchase and siting of bins, supervises the provision and maintenance of footpaths within the parish, oversees the private and local authority management of the treescape and the rural environment generally, finances and distributes to every household a monthly newsletter and supports by grant a number of village clubs and societies, including those based outside the parish but beneficial to it.

Great Finborough is now included in the Mid Suffolk West area, therefore for policing arrangements please refer to for more information.

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