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Great Finborough Suffolk Village
Great Finborough Suffolk Village
primary schoolWelcome to Great Finborough Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School

Head Teacher: Mr Stephen Dodd

"We are a friendly, caring school with a Christian ethos, always striving for the highest standards".

Founded in 1873, three years after the passing of the first general Education Act, there is nothing remotely Victorian about the school's learning environment in the twenty first century. The original buildings, to which two new classrooms were added in 2000, still stand but within them there is light and colour and up to date equipment. In the school yard, happy children explore a fully developed Adventure Playground and a nearby playing field is available for more open games.

The school's catchment area includes Great Finborough and the neighbouring village of Buxhall; places are offered first to children from the two villages and then to others from beyond the catchment area up to the school's intake limit. The primary school is a feeder for Combs Middle School, to which pupils transfer at the age of nine.


Children normally enter the Foundation Stage Class in September. Applications from those living outside the catchment area are considered against the following criteria, here listed in the order in which they will be applied:

where a medical condition indicates acceptance
where a sibling is already on the school roll
where religious grounds indicate acceptance
walking distance, where those living closest will be accepted first

The parents of prospective pupils are welcome to visit the school at any time by appointment.

The school day

The doors open at 08:55 for the beginning of school at 09:00. The morning break is from 1040 to 10:55, and lunch is taken between 12:00 and 13:10. School finishes at 15:20.

Aims of the school

The general aims of the school are:

For each child to achieve success- academically, physically and creatively. Each child's level of success will be different but we encourage all children to strive for excellence and to take pride in their achievements.
To create a rich, secure and stimulating environment where children are happy, nurtured and valued as individuals.
To promote Christian values.
To enable children to work together co-operatively and responsibly, appreciating the need for teamwork and recognising that the consequences of their actions affect other people.
To help each child to become confident, well adjusted and self disciplined, leaving the school eager to proceed to the next level of education with an open mind and with the skills and knowledge needed for future success.

More detailed objectives are described in the Prospectus which is available from the school office telephone/fax (01449) 613208.


The governing body of the school comprises:

  Name Governor Type
Ms S Gooch

Chair of Governors
Community Governor

Mr S Dodd Head Teacher
Mrs T Little Teacher Governor
Rev C Childs Foundation Governor
Mrs S Baldry Teacher Governor (Associate Member)
Mrs M Williams Community Governor
Mr J Warner Parent Governor
Mrs L Gilson Parent Governor
Mrs J Nunn Parent Governor
Mr G de Silva Parent Governor
Mrs H Elliss Non-teaching Staff Governor (Associate Member)

For further information and/or a Prospectus please telephone (01449) 613208

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